This me dancing with my momma at my best friends wedding reception

March has been a big month for gangster rap with several high profile releases being in the gangster rap tradition. Another common thread in this months releases, with the exception of Rick Ross’ Mastermind, is the amount of self awareness the albums carry. The gangster rap of Schoolboy Q, Freddie Gibbs, YG, and Kevin Gates deals with more small time crime and in a less boastful more it-be-like-that-sometimes manner. Unlike Rick Ross who deals in more cartoonish gangster rap persona with very little introspection. Chief Keef might be raps most famous gangster rapper right now yet he comes across as both cartoonish and horribly real. What I means by that is you can’t believe such a young man has seen and or participated in this violence but it is true, this stuff really happens. The four rappers I mentioned earlier come across as more somber and aware of the consequences of their actions. I don’t think this is some kind of new trend for rap since these rappers all have previously releases and people like Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, and Gunplay (and many more) have executed this kind of music prior. I just find it odd all four of these albums would be released so close to each other.

Documenting the fade for future reference
My best friend bought me an apron on his honeymoon in Italy for my birthday
Y’all keep going, I’ll just chill here

Back in ‘08 I was living in Gainesville getting my associates at Santa Fe and I worked for an older Colombian woman at a farmers market selling empanadas, I would basically set up the tent, put the empanadas out for display, try to sell as much food as possible (by smiling and basically calling out to who ever walked by “Empanadas over here, come get you some), the rest of the time was spent explaining to white people what an empanada is. Anyway Gainesville got a decent sized “punk” community and a lot of them would come to the market. This one night a group of about 6 punks were sitting in a circle, one person playing guitar and the rest singing this version of Wagon Wheel. It was like my absolute favorite song at the moment but I was a chubby latin kid with a bald fade and dunks, I didn’t think they would let me join so I just sang under my breath at my empanada stand. It was my favorite night of work ever and like top 5 “music” moments in my life.

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Merry Christmas from me and my seeester
Me and the fam at my best friends wedding reception
My brothers told me I wasn’t allowed to leave the house like this, walked out the door screaming “You ain’t bout shit”

Naw, but, like, hear me out though. I can’t wait to be settled into a city so I can start getting more involved in community projects. For instance, I was talking to the librarian in charge of the Young Adult area and mentioned something about a community garden being something that would fit with our library cause we’re in an academic plaza with hella grass patches and it’d be a great program for the yutes to combine story time with gardening or what not (mostly cause I was web surfin about c squat and co ops, surfboard surfbored, grinding all on that wood) and she thought it was a great idea. And I can’t be a part of it cause I’m tryng to ride out and all but that’s basically the kind of shit I want to implement if I ever settle. Community gardens and guerilla libraries where I just build a book cabinet, fill it with books drop it and in the middle of the city, that’s the only way, dumb shit we bout that too get at me.

Chuch came back from his semester abroad in Tianjin, yeah we went to the airport carrying signs